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Who Are We

OfferJuice was born out of a culture obsessed with delivering high quality, authenticated leads for market research, sample and data collection companies. A team of dedicated account managers, media buyers, project managers, fraud detection specialists, marketers and number crunching data experts drive everything we do.

OfferJuice does not act as a middle man or re-broker any of our offers – we maintain proprietary panel offers or with directly with the largest market research companies in the world.

OfferJuice is headquartered in Shelton, CT, but has offices in 24 countries around the world. We have campaigns in over 80 different countries with payouts and payment events to match any marketing channel or vertical you work in.

What We Do

Simply put - We Drive Revenue

OfferJuice delivers high paying, large budget market research panel build and ad-hoc sampling campaigns direct from the advertiser to our partners. There are no middleman to work through or unnecessary and unwarranted fees added or taken.

OfferJuice works in one vertical and we do it exceedingly well. We are market research experts through and through. You will not find offers for car loans, dating sites, weight loss pills or other offer of the month campaigns in our network.

We scour new technology companies, emerging start-ups, traditional power players to provide a diverse blend of traffic. We identify partners who drive quality leads to form lasting relationships and are not interested in one month agreements – we build relationships to last. Working with our own offers and sourcing direct from strategic clients allows us to provide the highest payouts, control budgets and offer a direct partnership few others can provide. Our partners choose to work with us as they cut out the middle man and go direct to the source.


Learn what OfferJuice can do for you!

OfferJuice has been delivering quality leads for our strategic partners for years. Some of the biggest and most recognizable names in market research rely on OfferJuice to drive quality traffic at market competitive pricing. Working direct with partners on both sides of the network allows us to continually optimize campaigns, drive costs down, increase quality and deliver as much, or as little as needed.

If you have a panel build, river sampling, ad-hoc, top up or other market research or data collection need - please contact us today. We only use high quality partners from around the world and the web. We separate ourselves from the other networks because we are not afraid to experiment with new technologies that reach individuals not yet touched by traditional marketing.

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In the OfferJuice world there are no affiliates, only partners. We strongly believe that each and every relationship we build becomes a partner for life.

We do not accept everyone who applies in to our network, nor do we allow everyone to stay who is accepted. We constantly strive for perfection, and continually optimize every campaign until we find the right mix for our offers.


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  • Affiliate Summit West 2015

    Members of the OfferJuice team will be in attendance at the largest Affiliate Summit to date , the Affiliate Summit West taking place in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel from January 18- 20th.

  • Global Strategic Partnerships

    When you have the backing of a 37 year old company with as much respect as Dynata does you get to join in on some of the amazing partnerships they have established over the years. We don’t just broker survey panels from other networks at a reduced rate

  • Market Research Focused

    Are you looking for great payouts on auto loans, dating sites and 30 second insurance quotes? Too bad, move along - you won't find them here. OfferJuice is dedicated to one vertical - market research.

  • Welcome to Offer Juice

    Get ready for an entirely new network experience. OfferJuice is not like the thousands of other networks out there, and yes, we know everyone says that. OfferJuice is a direct from the source network that features offers that we directly own or have strategic partnerships with.