Market Research Focused

Are you looking for great payouts on auto loans, dating sites and 30 second insurance quotes? Too bad, move along - you won't find them here. OfferJuice is dedicated to one vertical - market research. We are unique in that OfferJuice was created within Survey Sampling International, a 37 year old company dedicated to sample and data collection with survey panels in 84 countries. 84 countries! A truly international company with deep roots so you can be sure we are not going anywhere any time fast. Opinion Outpost, SurveySpot, QuickThoughts and Opinion World are just a few of the well-known and respected panels that we own and operate.

Market research is truly what makes the world go around. With the tightening of many budgets following the financial mess that was 2008 more and more companies doubled down on their market research budgets knowing it is smarter to find out what people want before launching full blown ad campaigns or new product lines. This is win-win all around. Companies are now delivering more of what people want in marketing, product design and beyond than ever. It also gives you an opportunity to earn more revenue through newer and better panel experiences for your users and a host of new survey products.